Be removed’ ye hills and mountains

Be removed, ye hills and mountains,
God’s great kindness shall not cease.
All who drink at God’s blest fountain
share His covenant of peace.
This I know: I shall not fear;
my Redeemer draweth near!

He has promised all who fear Him
shall their comfort find in God.
Terror shall not dare come near him
who the righteous way has trod.
This my song shall ever be:
My Redeemer loveth me!

God will free from dark oppression
those bowed down in pain and grief;
lift the soul from deep depression;
those who ask shall find relief.
My Redeemer will not fail
and His promise shall prevail.

Give me, Lord, all that is needed
Thy word to accept in joy.
Fear of death has not succeeded,
faith and trust in Thee destroy.
I need never know distress
if I do my Lord confess.